Patents & Trademarks

Alveolar Breath Collection Device

Ohan Baghdessarian

U.S. Patent 6,582,376 (June 24, 2003).

Automated Laser Wavelength Selection System and Method

Wiemeyer; Brian D.

U.S. Patent 6,658,032 (December 2, 2003).

Diagnostic Method for High Sensitivity Detection of Component Concentrations in Human Gas Emissions

Patel et. al.

U.S. Patent 7,004,909 (February 28, 2006).

Amplifier Enhanced Optical Analysis System and Method

Michael Evan Webber

U.S. Patent 7,064,329 (June 20, 2006).

Method of Analyzing Components of Alveolar Breath

Michael Evan Webber

U.S. Patent 7,473,229 (January 6, 2009).

Remote, Optothermal Sensor (ROSE) Standoff Detection of CWAS, Explosives Vapors and TICS

Kumar Patel, Anadi Mukherjee

U.S. Patent 8,247,775 (August 21, 2012).

Quantum Cascade Laser: Bias-Neutral Design

Kumar Patel, Arkadiy Lyakh, Richard Maulini, Alexei Tsekoun

U.S. Patent 8,121,164 (February 21, 2012).

Submounts for Semiconductor Lasers

Kumar Patel, Arkadiy Lyakh, Richard Maulini, Alexei Tsekoun

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Quantum Cascade Laser

Kumar Patel, Arkadiy Lyakh, Richard Maulini, Alexei Tsekoun, Christian Pflugl, Laurent Diehl, Qijie Wang, Frederico Capasso,

U.S. Patent 8,014,430 (September 6, 2011).

System and Method for High Sensitivity Optical Detection of Gases

Kumar Patel, Michael B. Pushkarsky, Michael E. Webber, Tyson MacDonald

U.S. Patent 7,502,115 , (March 10, 2009).

Tunable Quantum Cascade Lasers and Photoacoustic detection of trace gases, TNT, TATP, and Precursors Acetone and Hydrogen Peroxide

Kumar Patel, IIay Dunayevskiy, Manu Prasanna, Rowel C. Go, Alexei Tsekoun, Michael Pushkarsky, Richard Maulini

U.S. Patent 7,903,704 (March 8, 2011).



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Quantum Cascade Lasers