R&D Grants and Contracts
R&D Grants and Contracts

• NIH grant for medical diagnostics.

• DARPA seedling grant for FREEDOM sensors.

• USDA grant for ammonia sensor for agricultural applications.

• DARPA contract for tunable laser photoacoustic spectroscopy.

• DARPA contract for FREEDOM Sensors (QCL based system for the highly sensitive detection of CWAs, TICs and explosives)

• NIST/ATP grant for developing the new generation of QCLs.

• DARPA contract for highly efficient QCLs.

• DARPA contract for stand-off detection of chemical weapons and explosives.

• DARPA contract for beam combination for high power QCL arrays.

• US Army contract for beam combining of QCL arrays

• US Army contract for high performance QCLs

• US Navy contract for QCLs with very high tunability

• Missile Defense Agency for high performance antimonide-based QCLs

Quantum Cascade Lasers