OMNILUX™ Multiple Tunable QCL System

Pranalytica's OMNILUX-XX-XX-XX-XX Laser System is a general purpose source of coherent infrared radiation that generates tunable laser radiation in midwave infrared (MWIR) and longwave infrared (LWIR) spectral regions (model dependent). The system is based on high performance, room temperature quantum cascade lasers. The quantum cascade lasers rely on the principle of band structure engineering to generate light in the MWIR/LWIR infrared portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Refer to Test Data Report for the specifications of the actual lasers installed in your system.

The system consists of the Laser Head that houses the laser sources, and the power supply. The system operates in quasi-continuous wave (QCW) mode (high duty cycle pulsed operation). Operation of each of the lasers can be independently controlled. The combined output beam consists of adjacent, co-propagating individual beams. The individual beams are nominally collimated. The system is fully self-contained and requires only standard mains power and external control computer to operate. Control software is provided with the system. The system has TTL level gate outputs synchronized with the laser tuning which provide means for synchronization of user's data acquisition system with tuning of the lasers. The OmniLux is designed to operate in a normal, climate-controlled laboratory environment. The system is compliant with U.S. FDA Safety Standards for Light-emitting Products / Laser Products (21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11).

Primary specifications:

• Tunable, Multiple QCL System

• 4 independent QCLs for broad

wavelength coverage (user specified)

• Synchronized voice coil sweep for multiplexing lasers

• Room temperature operation

• Flexible Control Software

• Size: 22cm (W), 12 cm (H), 39 cm (D)

• Weight: 7 kg

Quantum Cascade Lasers