Gas Sensors
The Nitrolux is Pranalytica's flagship ammonia sensor. The Nitrolux detects ammonia at less than 100 ppt levels. It uses a patented laser tuning technology for zero interference from common laboratory solvents. Pranalytica's sensors provide simultaneous multistream capability for up to 8 gas streams. They run on an embeded Linux system with solid state memory and a powerful graphical user interface, and can be monitored and controlled over the Internet. Pranalytica's sensors can be deployed in remote locations where there is no easy access to wired networks, or land lines. They work on solar cells and come with an optional cellular modem that communicates to the Internet via a cellular network.


Trace Ammonia monitoring for semiconductor clean rooms, industrial facilities and the ambient environment.

Gas Analysis Systems

Pranalytica has designed various rack mounted systems to serve the various requirements of our customers. The system controlled, monitored and results displayed on the Nitrolux instrument.


Trace Gas monitoring of numerous gases for industrial and environmental applications.


Nitrolux–S is a semiconductor laser-based, low power ammonia sensor for remote unattended agricultural applications.


Breath Ammonia Analyzer.


Sensor for chemical warfare agents, explosives and toxic industrial chemicals.
Quantum Cascade Lasers