Gas Analysis Systems
System Integration

Pranalytica has designed various rack mounted systems to serve the requirements of our customers. The system controls, monitors and displays results on the Nitrolux instrument. When a number of Nitrolux or Chemilux instruments are combined in our Trace Gas Detection System, we can greatly expand your detection abilities by providing all instruments with environmental samples from up to 32 different locations using our Multi-Point Sampling Switch.

Multi-Point Sampling Switch was developed to provide our customers the ability to monitor up to 32 various locations within their facility from one convenient location. The system allows the user to select the frequency and sample time for each location. The user can interrupt the sampling sequence by selecting an individual location for observation. The system utilizes a 16 or 32 port rotary valve and purge pump to provide fresh samples to the detection instruments. While the detection instruments are drawing samples for detection purposes, the pump provides continuous suction on all the remaining lines.

Auto-Calibration Unit, when incorporated into our Trace Gas Detection System, can provide our customer with the ability to remotely monitor the accuracy of each detection instrument on a periodic basis. A permeation oven and a permeation tube are included in the system for each detection instrument. At the desired interval the calibration system is activated. While the ovens are warming up, a supply of CDA is fed to the detection instruments for zero check. When the appropriate temperatures are reached in the permeation ovens, the CDA flow ceases and span samples are sent separately to each unit. Upon completion of the calibration sequence, the system returns sample monitoring. Though our instruments rarely need recalibration, any adjustment necessary to the instrument will require operator intervention.

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