PoyntIR™-46 Handheld Infrared Illuminator
Pranalytica Laser System PoyntIR™-46 Handheld Infrared Illuminator
Parameter Specifications1
Average Output Optical Power > 20 mW for PoyntIR™-46-20
> 100 mW for PoyntIR™-46-100
Mode of Operation 150 ms "superpulses" at 2 Hz
200 ns, 500 kHz individual pulses
within the superpulse2
Wavelength ~4.6 µm3
Beam Divergence 3.0 mrad vertical
1.8 mrad horizontal4
Continuous Runtime > 20 hrs for PoyntIR™-46-20
> 9 hrs for PoyntIR™-46-100
Charging Time < 3 hrs.
Size 420 mm long
72 mm max. dia. (approx.)6
Weight ~ 800 g5

Special Features

  • Complex optical pulse trains possible, available on special order.
  • Smart On/Off button, functionality may be reprogrammed on special order.
  • Dedicated power lockout switch for safe storage.
  • Battery drain protection feature, in case the On/Off button remains pressed indefinitely.
  • Smart AC charger prevents battery over-charging.

  • 1All specifications are for room temperature operation.
    2Other pulse trains available on special order.
    39.6 µm wavelength available (Model PoyntIR™-96).
    4May be enhanced to a virtually collimated beam with an optional built-in collimating lens.
    5Size and weight can be reduced at the expense of run time.

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