Broad Spectrum Laser Systems
High Power Tabletop Laser System Model 1101-XX-CW-XXXX

Up to 4W continuous wave at room temperature at 4.6 µm;
Up to 1.5 W continuous wave at room temperature at 9.5µm;
For other wavelengths and power levels, contact Pranalytica
Model 1101-XX-CW-YYY-BF

Continuous Wave Room Temperature High Power OEM QCL Module
Model 1101-XX-QCW-YYY-MicroTT-EXT

High Power Quasi-CW Micro Tabletop Quantum Cascade Laser System
Model 1101-XX-QCW-YYYY-UC-PF

High average power, up to 3.0W at 4.6 µ, quasi-continuous wave quantum
cascade laser microplatform for OEM applications, weighing less
than 2 Oz.

High Power Pulsed Laser System Model 1101-XX-HP-XXXX

Up to 4 W of pulsed power at room temperature in pulses 50-500 nsec duration and pulse repetition rate up to 1 MHz at 4.6 µm (shown here with optional beam expanding lens)
Other QCL wavelengths available.

High Power Multiple Wavelength Laser System MultiLux™-20-XX-YY-CW-SYST

Turn-key, multiple wavelength SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR laser system
Several wavelength combinations available (XX and YY).
Pranalytica Model PoyntIR™-XX Handheld Infrared Illuminator

MWIR target designator and illuminator (XX is wavelength). Contact Pranalytica for details.
Pranalytica Model BeckonIR™-XX Handheld Infrared Beacon

MWIR or LWIR beacon for IFF applications (XX is the wavelength). Contact Pranalytica for details.
Quantum Cascade Lasers