Model 1101-XX-QCW-YYYY-EGC-UC-PF quantum cascade laser (QCL) system is a high average power, wavelength stabilized pulsed QCL platform of infrared radiation for OEM applications. Wavelength stabilization is achieved by incorporating a wavelength dispersive element inside the QCL butterfly package, which is hermetically sealed for reliable operation in adverse environments. At a wavelength of 4.6 μm, the system produces in excess of 1.5 W of average power and at a wavelength of 4.0 μm, the system produces in excess of 1 W of average power. Other wavelengths between 3.8 μm and 12 μm are available. The passively cooled system is designed for OEM applications for incorporation into customers' platforms, and is virtually vibration-free. The system is self-contained and requires only an external DC power to operate. Pulse shaping and power conditioning electronics are on the PCB, with the hermetically sealed butterfly package that includes the QCL and related optics for wavelength stabilization and for collimating the output laser beam. The system requires no adjustments in the field and is designed to be stable over long periods of time when operating in a stable temperature environment.

Quantum Cascade Lasers