Model 1101-XX-LP-YYYY-EXT
Model 1101-XX-LP-YYYY-EXT

Low Duty Cycle Pulsed QCL System


Model 1101-XX-LP-YYYY-EXT quantum cascade laser system is a low duty cycle pulsed QCL system designed for bench top use. Pulse shaping and power conditioning electronics are enclosed inside along with the hermetically sealed package that includes optics for collimating the output laser beam. The system requires no adjustments in the field and is designed to be stable over long periods of time when operating in a stable temperature environment. Model 1101-XX-LP-YYYY-EXT pulsed QCL system provides a fixed laser pulse width and a fixed pulse repetition frequency with internal trigger or a variable pulse repetition rate triggered by user supplied TTL-level trigger pulses. The pulse width and the internally triggered pulse repetition rate are preset at the factory at user specified values. Additionally, an optional switch selectable four different pulse widths between 50 and 200 nsec can be provided. In both the internally triggered as well as the externally triggered mode, a synch pulse is available for synchronizing user electronics.

Model 1101-XX-LP-YYYY-EXT

Peak optical power (YYYY) > 1 W (wavelength dependent)
Mode of operation Pulsed, internally triggered at 1 kHz to 100 kHz (user specified and set at the factory)
Pulsed, externally triggered at rates up to 100 kHz
Output pulse width 50 nsec to 200 nsec (user specified and set at the factory)
Optional selectable fixed pulse widths (up to four values of customer's choice between 50 and 200 nsec, set at factory)
Pulse rise/fall times ~5 nsec (< 5 nsec optional)
External trigger TTL input (rising edge synchronization), 50 Ω
Sync output Available in internal and external trigger modes
Wavelength (XX) ~4.6 µm, 8.2 µm, 9.5 µm
Other wavelengths between 4.5 µm and 12 µm may be custom ordered
Beam Divergence 3 mrad vertical
2 mrad horizonal
Beam quality Excellent
Output beam Nearly collimated with a lens internal to the QCL package
QCL package Hermetically sealed for high reliability in all environments
Laser head size 8.6" (L) x 6" (W) x 2.5" (T)
Laser head weight 3.5 lbs
Power supply 24 V dc external (included)

All specifications are for room temperature ambient operation.

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