Board Members

Raj Parekh, Chairman of the Board

President and CEO of SnapVolumes, Inc., Co-Founder and Managing Member of Redwood Ventures, Chairman and Board of Director Pranalytica Inc., Board of Directors of eGtran Inc. and GlassBeam Inc., Founding Member of Steering Committee, TiE Angels

Raj is managing SnapVolumes, virtualization and cloud computing company as President and CEO, co-founded Virident Systems, storage class memory with highest performance Flash company in 2006 and managed as CEO/Chairman till 2012, co-founded and managing Redwood Venture Partners since 1998, a venture capital firm located in Silicon Valley and Comstaller ($150M hi-tech incubator) in 2000. Redwood and its affiliated partnerships have raised funds representing over $250 million in invested capital in over 30 high tech companies. Raj has served as Board Member or as Chairman of the Board of over 15 high tech companies, including Magma (now Synopsis), Niksun, Pranalytica, eGtran, Virident, SnapVolumes, TiE Angels, PubNub and Aspex.

Raj was member of the senior business and technology executive teams of several high technology companies known for his leadership and vision. He served at Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) as CTO and Executive Vice President of Engineering of all system products, and as VP and General Manager of Java Products for Sun Microsystems Microelectronics. Before joining Sun, Raj was Vice President and General Manager with Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI) managed all chip development including “Geometry Engine” and several system products. Advisor to several companies including SAP America.

Raj not only have designed or managed over 100 chips in almost any technology, managed software ranging from real time embedded to distributed multi-computing environment and a wide variety of systems but also managed sales, marketing, OEM channels and started new divisions within large companies. He holds 11 issued U. S. patents, and many awards for his vision and leadership. He received his Bachelor of Engineering from Gujarat University, India, and a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Polytechnic Institute of New York University.

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