World leading designer and manufacturer of high power midwave
Infrared and longwave Infrared Quantum Cascade Lasers for defense,
homeland security and commercial applications and sensor systems

• Up to 4 W of power from single emitter devices

• Wavelengths from 3.8 μm to >12 μm

• Tunable QCL systems

• Exceeds MIL-SPEC requirements

• Single laser as well as multiple
wavelength high brightness systems

• OEM and system level configurations
Key Advantages:

• Highest power commercially available QCLs

• Protected IP for QCL designs and thermal management

• Superior understanding of the Fab Process

• High performance miniature packaging

• Vertical integration facilitates global optimization of
subsystem and system level solutions

Photo Credit: Invent Now, INC.
Remote Optical Detection of Explosives
Dr. Patel
US National Inventors Hall of Fame
Dr. C. Kumar N. Patel (Founder)
Recipient of National Medal of Science (1996)
US National Inventors Hall of Fame 2012